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Module Five - The Bible

Materials Needed
  1. Microsft Word, Open Office or equivelant Word Processing Program or a pdf reader such as Adobe Reader
  2. Strong's Dictionary and Concordance (Link) or E-Sword (Link)
  3. Three Ring Binder (optional-for hard copies)
  4. 3 x 5 Index Cards (can be cut to make smaller flash cards)

  1. Use a Bible and Concordance.

  1. Using a Concordance - Doc / Pdf
  2. Ancient Hebrew Bible - Doc / Pdf
  3. Genesis Chapter 1 in Ancient Hebrew - Doc / Pdf

Module Exam
  1. Once you have become familiar with the material in the lesson, take the Module 5 Exam - Doc / Pdf
  2. Once you have completed the exam, grade your answers - Doc / Pdf

Once you have passed the module 5 exam with a 100% score, you may proceed to the final exam.

Final Exam - Doc / Pdf